Look to the Stars

There is an echo ringing out across the astral void, the name of a forgotten god lost to the paradoxes of time. The Unconquered Sun shall Rise…

The Mad Queen goes to war with the world around her. Fear of the arcane has propelled the Inquisition into a sweeping fervor of bigotry and paranoia even as the Lion’s War comes to a close. It should be a time of peace for the realm, but suspicion hangs over the kingdom of Avvarfell.

You are a member of the Queen’s personal guard, a part of an elite force. The Inquisition. You hunt and eliminate any threat of magic to the kingdom. The war between Avvarfell and Morneon is finally over and the kingdom can rest easy now that peace between the neighboring realms has begun.

Current Members of the Inquisition:
Barakas :deceased
Kavaki :deceased

Beyond the Far Realm

D d 4.0 party art